Route 12
Murchison Road
Fayetteville State University
Shaw Road
Weekday Inbound Schedule
Downtown   FSU Murchison at Jasper Murchison at Highway 59 Gregory at Shaw
5:45am 5:52am 5:55am 6:00am 6:05am
6:30am 6:40am 6:45am 6:50am 7:00am
7:00am 7:08am 7:13am 7:18am 7:28am
**7:20am 7:28am 7:33am 7:38am 7:48am
7:40am 7:48am 7:53am 7:58am 8:08am
**8:00am 8:08am 8:13am 8:18am 8:28am
8:20am 8:28am 8:33am 8:38am 8:48am
**8:40am 8:48am 8:53am 8:58am 9:08am
9:00am 9:08am 9:13am 9:18am 9:28am
9:30am 9:38am 9:43am 9:48am 9:58am
10:00am 10:08am 10:13am 10:18am 10:28am
10:30am 10:38am 10:43am 10:48am 10:58am
11:00am 11:08am 11:13am 11:18am 11:28am
11:30am 11:38am 11:43am 11:48am 11:58am
12:00 noon 12:08pm 12:13pm 12:18pm 12:28pm
12:30pm 12:38pm 12:43pm 12:48pm 12:58pm
1:00pm 1:08pm 1:13pm 1:18pm 1:28pm
1:30pm 1:38pm 1:43pm 1:48pm 1:58pm
2:00pm 2:08pm 2:13pm 2:18pm 2:28pm
2:30pm 2:38pm 2:43pm 2:48pm 2:58pm
**3:00pm 3:08pm 3:13pm 3:18pm 3:28pm
3:20pm 3:28pm 3:33pm 3:38pm 3:48pm
**3:40pm 3:48pm 3:53pm 3:58pm 4:08pm
4:00pm 4:08pm 4:13pm 4:18pm 4:28pm
**4:20pm 4:28pm 4:33pm 4:38pm 4:48pm
4:40pm 4:48pm 4:53pm 4:58pm 5:08pm
5:00pm 5:08pm 5:13pm 5:18pm 5:28pm
5:20pm 5:28pm 5:33pm 5:38pm 5:48pm
5:40pm 5:48pm 5:53pm 5:58pm 6:08pm
6:00pm 6:08pm 6:13pm 6:18pm 6:28pm
6:40pm 6:48pm 6:53pm 6:58pm 7:04pm
**Trips to Eccles Park
Weekday Outbound schedule

Gregory at Shaw Murchison at Highway 59 Murchison at Jasper   FSU Downtown
6:05am 6:10am 6:15am 6:18am 6:25am
7:05am 7:15am 7:20am 7:25am 7:35am
7:30am 7:38am 7:43am 7:47am 7:55am
7:50am 7:58am 8:03am 8:07am 8:15am
8:10am 8:18am 8:23am 8:27am 8:35am
8:30am 8:38am 8:43am 8:47am 8:55am
8:50am 8:58am 9:03am 9:07am 9:15am
9:10am 9:18am 9:23am 9:27am 9:35am
9:30am 9:38am 9:43am 9:47am 9:55am
10:00am 10:08am 10:13am 10:17am 10:25am
10:30am 10:38am 10:43am 10:47am 10:55am
11:00am 11:08am 11:13am 11:17am 11:25am
11:30am 11:38am 11:43am 11:47am 11:55am
12:00 noon 12:08pm 12:13pm 12:17pm 12:25pm
12:30pm 12:38pm 12:43pm 12:47pm 12:55pm
1:00pm 1:08pm 1:13pm 1:17pm 1:25pm
1:30pm 1:38pm 1:43pm 1:47pm 1:55pm
2:00pm 2:08pm 2:13pm 2:17pm 2:25pm
2:30pm 2:38pm 2:43pm 2:47pm 2:55pm
3:00pm 3:08pm 3:13pm 3:17pm 3:25pm
3:30pm 3:38pm 3:43pm 3:47pm 3:55pm
3:50pm 3:58pm 4:03pm 4:07pm 4:15pm
4:10pm 4:18pm 4:23pm 4:27pm 4:35pm
4:30pm 4:38pm 4:43pm 4:47pm 4:55pm
4:50pm 4:58pm 5:03pm 5:07pm 5:15pm
5:10pm 5:18pm 5:23pm 5:27pm 5:35pm
5:30pm 5:38pm 5:43pm 5:47pm 5:55pm
5:50pm 5:58pm 6:03pm 6:07pm 6:15pm
6:10pm 6:18pm 6:23pm 6:27pm 6:35pm
6:30pm 6:35pm 6:40pm 6:45pm 6:50pm
7:05pm 7:08pm 7:11pm 7:15pm 7:20pm
Although FAST makes every effort to operate its service as scheduled, times given may vary because of road, traffic, and other conditions.  Please allow sufficient time in meeting your bus with variations in schedule.
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