Route 4--East Shuttle
Deep Creek Road
Eagle's Nest
Highway 53 to I-95
Weekday schedule
Cape Fear Plaza Cade Hill
@Deep Creek
@Cedar Creek
Cedar Creek
Deluxe Inn Cedar Creek
Eagle's Nest Sapona
Cape Fear
6:37am 6:42am 6:45am 6:47am 6:49am 6:51am 6:57am 7:00am 7:07am
7:07am 7:12am 7:15am 7:17am 7:19am 7:21am 7:27am 7:30am 7:37am
7:37am 7:42am 7:45am 7:47am 7:49am 7:51am 7:57am 8:00am 8:07am
8:07am 8:12am 8:15am 8:17am 8:19am 8:21am 8:27am 8:30am 8:37am
8:37am 8:42am 8:45am 8:47am 8:49am 8:51am 8:57am 9:00am 9:07am
9:07am 9:12am 9:15am 9:17am 9:19am 9:21am 9:27am 9:30am 9:37am
9:37am 9:42am 9:45am 9:47am 9:49am 9:51am 9:57am 10:00am 10:07am
10:07am 10:12am 10:15am 10:17am 10:19am 10:21am 10:27am 10:30am 10:37am
10:37am 10:42am 10:45am 10:47am 10:49am 10:51am 10:57am 11:00am 11:07am
**11:07am 11:12am 11:15am 11:17am 11:19am 11:21am 11:27am 11:30am 11:37am
11:37am 11:42am 11:45am 11:47am 11:49am 11:51am 11:57am 12:00noon 12:07pm
**12:07pm 12:12pm 12:15pm 12:17pm 12:19pm 12:21pm 12:27pm 12:30pm 12:37pm
12:37pm 12:42pm 12:45pm 12:47pm 12:49pm 12:51pm 12:57pm 1:00pm 1:07pm
**1:07pm 1:12pm 1:15pm 1:17pm 1:19pm 1:21pm 1:27pm 1:30pm 1:37pm
1:37pm 1:42pm 1:45pm 1:47pm 1:49pm 1:51pm 1:57pm 2:00pm 2:07pm
2:07pm 2:12pm 2:15pm 2:17pm 2:19pm 2:21pm 2:27pm 2:30pm 2:37pm
2:37pm 2:42pm 2:45pm 2:47pm 2:49pm 2:51pm 2:57pm 3:00pm 3:07pm
3:07pm 3:12pm 3:15pm 3:17pm 3:19pm 3:21pm 3:27pm 3:30pm 3:37pm
3:37pm 3:42pm 3:45pm 3:47pm 3:49pm 3:51pm 3:57pm 4:00pm 4:07pm
4:07pm 4:12pm 4:15pm 4:17pm 4:19pm 4:21pm 4:27pm 4:30pm 4:37pm
4:37pm 4:42pm 4:45pm 4:47pm 4:49pm 4:51pm 4:57pm 5:00pm 5:07pm
5:07pm 5:12pm 5:15pm 5:17pm 5:19pm 5:21pm 5:27pm 5:30pm 5:37pm
5:37pm 5:42pm 5:45pm 5:47pm 5:49pm 5:51pm 5:57pm 6:00pm 6:07pm
6:07pm 6:12pm 6:15pm 6:17pm 6:19pm 6:21pm 6:27pm 6:30pm 6:37pm
**There is no downtown connection at Cape Fear Plaza for these trips.

Although FAST makes every effort to operate its services as scheduled, times given may vary because of road, traffic, and other conditions.  Please allow sufficient time in meeting your bus with variations in schedule.